Tenon is a strong and stable joint between two pieces of wood.


Driven by our passion to treat architecture as a continuous spectrum from design to construction, we house our architecture studio and workshop in the same space.

Making process in the workshop
Making process on siteMaking process in the workshop

Does an architect work in an office,
a construction site or a workshop?

Algorithmic design, digital manufacturing and traditional craftsmanship shape our approach to Architecture and Design from concept to fabrication.

Our process is built on the foundation of having a constant dialogue between design and manufacturing.

This simultaneous workflow allows us to experiment and test every idea, building mock-ups and prototypes, and to treat every project as a new field of research.

Every project is treated as a new field of research.

Defining the scale of our process

As architects and makers, our role begins with the measurement and observation of the environment and site of our project and ends with the realisation of the project’s every aspect, from its overall form to the last single piece and detail of it.

The scale of our work, be it a building or an interior intervention, spans from defining the parameters that create a form and space, to designing and making every custom part that articulates it.

Sculpting with clay, drawing on paper or defining parameters in a carefully designed algorithm?

Clay models to experiment with forms.

Every workflow is always project-oriented and has to be reinvented for each individual case. The incorporation of parametric design, digital fabrication and traditional tools has been a driving factor in our work.

Every project is treated as a new challenge, and each design method, advanced and pioneering or traditional and long-tested, has to be considered in each individual case, to create a tailored piece of art and science.

Our material of choice and expertise is wood.

Sustainability and Materiality

Every material, treated with respect and wisdom, has played it’s part to creating architecture throughout the years. Our material of choice and expertise is wood and our research and experience is focused on its properties as a structural material, a unique testing ground for new fabrication methods and a key factor in creating a sustainable architecture. We consider timber to be the lead material, in a future where the environmental approach to construction is becoming more crucial than ever before.

Manufacturing tools

The manufacturing demands of every project’s custom details and general construction logic call for the employment of a series of different tools and processes. We constantly expand the borders of our team’s field of expertise and the abilities of our workshop in terms of machinery and research. Each part of every project is either crafted in our workshop or by one of our trusted collaborators, and always treated as a project in itself.

All custom features of the furniture are personalised.


Custom furniture is treated with the utmost attention to detail, from its design to its making and installation on site. All custom features are personalised to each individual that uses the space and its components, and crafted in our workshop with specialised drawings and tools for each object.

Custom spaces, objects and processes

Every interior space is created to host the life of its occupants and is treated as a unique set of furniture pieces, created to match the needs of each and every client. Manipulating our materials with digital and traditional tools, we fabricate each object as a vital part of the interior that houses it.

Each object is designed and fabricated as a vital part of the interior that houses it.
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